Self Help

Sunsetting clients and closing up shop 2024

Effective immediately I’m unable to take on any new client work, just overwhelmed with a lot going on. I will be dwindling down on my existing last clients and closing up shop on my web design & hosting services effective December 21, 2023. This gives you time to find another solution for your website needs.

This turnkey system will be in place through Jan 31, 2024 but will have reduced services & design until the domain (dotcom address) expires Feb 1st, 2024. So please let me know where you want your site moved before its too late. There are more but these are hosted DIY solutions. Or if you decide to hire someone new to take over I will assist with getting them the needed files etc for minimal downtime.

As for myself, I’m moving on to my own handmade things & photography – this requires websites, online stores, socials etc. In order to focus on my stuff, I need to be free from time consuming new client builds and also all the work involved with maintaining all these extra sites. Thank you for your support, but its time I move on.

I’m planning to end everything not tied to my handmade goods by Jan 1, 2025.